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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 19, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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it is out there. katie is on the die deck right now. good morning. >> absolutely it is colder. we are about ten to 15 degrees colder by comparison to yesterday and there is still a little bit of the breeze and it is enough that it will make it feel that much colder but a at least that wind is easing up, a little bit. it is not as harsh as yesterday, in a sense we are leaving it off here. temperatures are just as cold but win the isn't making it feel as harsh. here's storm scan three essentially empty right now. we have a nice clear sky but we were showing you video from buffalo. here's an example that we found on facebook of the snow band coming in. it came in from joseph, and then just one more example of that snow. we are showing clancy in portions of new york as well dealing with very heavy snow to dig out of snow. it could be so much worse. we could have to deal with back breaking shoveling here at home. but on the flip side ski resorts are totally loving this. here are your current
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temperatures, 22 degrees if atlantic city. twenty-three at the airport. it is less in terms the of the wind right now. we are generally talking about ten to 20 miles an hour but more westerly as opposed to the northerly component to the wind flow. twelve is your current temperature meanwhile out at mount pocono but you've got to factor that wind in how it feels. that tells the story. feeling more like the teens at best in any given location. in mount pocono feels more like well below zero and that is not below freezing but that is below freezing. very cold air in place today. expect in the daytime highs around the reg are on to not have have a chance on break out of those mid 30's. up in the poconos 24, just a few more clouds up that way since you are closer after all to those lake effect snow bands. no snow of any kind expect here. we expect to stay dry, clear, sunny but still very cold. we will say it again. vittoria, back inside to you. good morning, everyone. with the weather that we have
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today you will want to make sure to give yourself enough time to get outside warm the car up. looking at ben franklin bridge, we will november delays here, abe i was thinking of the bend been at the same time. traveling ben franklin bridge no bridge in either direction. pa in new jersey and reverse is wide open, all bridge lease great. traveling 476 right around mid county toll plaza no delays either northbound or southbound on 476 and really that is, again, what we're dealing with this morning because we have no major delays. every where looks great. not just 476 and ben but all majors in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. speed sensors high in the 50's with no major problems. we have a down pole, this is in new jersey on route 130 southbound and i195. if you are traveling, mass transit, no delays and no delays at the philadelphia international airport. ukee? >> torey, thank you very much. people in the philadelphia area are used to the bitter cold but just not mid-november. now they are bundling up like
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it is mid-january. jan carabao joins us from 69th street terminal to find out how folks are dealing with this bitter blast, jan? >> reporter: ukee, good morning. they are dealing the best that they can and you know what i reported for five years in upstate new york. i'm used to dealing with the snow and cold but not this early in the season. that is what everybody is saying out here. this morning it is not even thanksgiving yet but it looks like we're in the middle of winter. here we are live at 69th street terminal in upper darby. people are getting off of the buses and shuffling to and from a little bit faster this morning. really bundled up. it is a brutal morning to be out here standing and waiting for a ride. this is the scene across the delaware valley. we are seeing same thing person after person bundled up with the big puffy coats, fury hoods, gloves, scarves, anything that they can do to keep every piece of skin covered. here in upper darby, according to my cbs philly weather app we are right around 20 degrees and it feels 10 degrees colder
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then that, not numbers, many people want to hear this early in the season but some are still taking it all in stride, let take a listen. >> i have been bundling up, i have been putting on extra layers, long johns, thermals, feels like in the house i blast my heat to 80. it has been a cold fall and it is not even winter yet. >> reporter: still has a smile on his face. that is a good sign. some people even like this stuff. i just haven't been able to find any of those people just yet if you like cold weather stop by and say hello. for me i brought my toe warmers, hand warmers trying to get extra heat on a frigid morning in upper darby. we are coming to you live, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. developing right now four deaths are blamed on a paralyzing snow system blanketing parts of the western new york. more than 4 feet of lake effect snow has fallen in the buffalo area and it is still coming down. as don champion tells us, some
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drivers and even an entire women's basketball team were trapped in those drifts. >> reporter: overnight only the the heaviest of machinery could easily get around buffalo new york. >> plows can in longer plow the snow. is there so much snow it is like plowing a brick wall. >> reporter: paralyzing storm has dumped more than 4 feet of snow in the area. time lapse video from tuesday shows massive lake effect snow storm moving on shore, four people have been killed in storm-related incidents. >> we're stressing to people do not drive unless you absolutely have to. >> reporter: too often people venture out of gotten stuck, more than 140 vehicles are stranded on the new york state through way a 132-mile stretch of the highway is now shut down. niagara university women's basketball team has been stuck on their bus for more than a day. >> just filling our water bottles up, that we used during games up with snow so that could melt and we could
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have water in the morning. >> reporter: even emergency crews are having trouble getting around. >> if someone calls 911 and there is 6 feet of snow on that street that ambulance will have problems getting there report report snow is expected to ease up today but another lake effect storm is spending on thursday. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one lane remains closed following a fiery crash involving three tractor trailers on the new jersey turnpike, in middlesex county. we will show you cell phone rid ohio taken by the eyewitness. it happened around 9:00 last night at exit eight in cranberry township. at least within person was kill. state police are investigating the cause of this accident. untouched by these flames part of the burlington county land mark reopens later this morning. yesterday's massive blaze, though destroyed building four of the columbus farmers market in springfield township. other parts of that market were not seriously damage and no one was hurt. officials are still
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investigating what may have spark that fire. produce row will open for business as scheduled at 7:00 a.m. well, race for mayor in philadelphia heat up to day with two more candidates joining the crowded field. former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham will officially launch her campaign a at noon time. abraham was the city's first female d.a. and longest serving one. she has been in private practice since she did not run for reelection in 2009. a few hours after abraham's announcement state senator anthony williams will throw his hat in the ring. three other candidates have started to campaign to replace mayor michael nutter next year. primary is in may 2015. we are learning more about the investigation in the death of cooper health ceo and his wife. courier post reports that john sheridan junior and his wife joyce were attack in their home before a fire on september 28th. tom wilson a family spokesmen for sheridan's sons released this statement. quote, from the beginning we
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say no one wants answers more than us. real answers will come after a full, thorough investigation. we do not conn down releasing information in a piecemeal fashion because of frustration with the process. it is not helpful to getting to the truth to what happened to our parents. we are committed to getting to the truth and that means we will not comment while the investigation is ongoing. warrington police need the public's help in finding a missing teenager who is autistic. let's show you the the boy, four year-old steven. he was last seen in green south on monday afternoon wearing a black jacket and jeans at the time. if you have seen steven, please give warrington police a call. jewish worshipers returned to the synagogue in jer year today where five people were killed in an attack. authorities say two palestinian men armed with a gun and butcher knives targeted dozens of worshipers yesterday as they were just gathered for morning prayers. police killed those two suspects in the shoot-out a among victims was rabbi
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twersky has a family in lakewood township, new jersey. >> world has lost a gentle scholar who would never hurt a person in his life and had wished well to everyone and he was taken from frustrates, while was, talking to god. >> israel has vowed harsh retaliation, prime minister benjamin netanyahu has already ordered the attackers home be demolish. 5:09. a lot of buzz about philadelphia's new casino, winners, losers as casino competition in the city heat up. also caught in the act manhunt happening right new for that thief who stole a box of toys with a baby in his arms. also new fall out this morning for bill cosby after more than explosive a abuse allegations, now the latest one to come forward is the most a famous accuser so far. katie has been telling us, it is dangerously cold out
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we have just learned that netflix is postponing their launch of bill cosby's new stan up comedy special bill cosby 77. that decision follows a growing number of allegations that the famed entetee taner sexually assaulted woman. janice dickinson now claims that she was one of his victims. former super model told entertainment tonight that cosby drugged and rape her in 1982. dickinson is most high profile accuser in a series of sexual assault claims against the comedian. cosby's lawyer has said they will not comment about these allegations. expressive new accusations for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cain about the the e-mail scandal that brought down several top state
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officials. she says state workers exchange pornographic e-mails that included children and violent acts against with men but she's claiming she's not allowed to investigate them. >> i am being stopped by performing my duties as attorney general. my office is being stopped from certain investigations and we are being stopped from even telling why. >> kane says four staffers have been fired and state supreme court justice resigned after an earlier batch of e-mails was released. our time 5:13. here's traffic and weather together. ukee. >> our chill continues to settle in for to us day and this looks like the next seven days this will be the coldest, but we are still going to stay well below average here. even despite being a very tranquil pattern there is always a trade off and trade off this time is, of course, that cold outside for the standards. lets look at storm scan three. we have lake effect snow bands coming in full force here, up across, well, just south of
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buffalo and north of syracuse and typical belt areas. really every inning will great lake getting in on that action. remember how lake effect forms. it is win driven. we will get win moving over the the lakes. it picks up on that moisture and snow getting and then it dumps and band over the exact same spot. that is why we are looking at as much as we are in those locations. meanwhile we will come back here to the local area and live neighborhood network we have got these wind speeds. they are definitely still noticeable but no where near as harsh. we were in the 30's with these gusts the same time yesterday. so yes, it is still breezy. our wind chill values are in the 20's today and because of yesterday we could not break out of the teens. it is still cold but not as bad. twenty-three is current temperature at the airport. we will still see cold, that cold air just up in the west but not as pronounced in the deep south as it was yesterday. now we are on par with atlanta and birmingham and as well as nashville here in the philadelphia region. it is still sunny, cold and
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we're still 20 plus degrees we low normal with that high of 33. tonight we will drop to 29. worst of the wind will taper off. we will see nice rebound on the thermometer. still ten below the normal with this high of 45 tomorrow but it will feel, a lot better to you. then come friday we are back in the 30's and chilly wind will once again, pick up. vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. our roadways are a breeze right now, no pun intended there, maybe a little bit. lets get outside and see how you are doing on the roads. no delays in either direction through center city vine street expressway is beautiful. east and westbound no problems at all heading toward the schuylkill and i-95. there is not too much to talk b even looking at 309 right around a the pennsylvania turnpike. you just look great out there. it is only 5:15. as to be expected we tend to see rush occur around 6:15 or 6:00 o'clock. we are still in the clear. speed sensors in the 50's and not only in pennsylvania but
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delaware and new jersey again we are looking nice out there. unfortunately traveling turnpike in new jersey north bound beyond hightstown truck lanes are block as a result of the accident. your best alternate toys take route 130 but no delays for mass transit, septa, new jersey transit and dart running smoothly no delays at philadelphia international airport, erika. get ready for another frigid day in the dell will wear valley. early morning temperatures we're told that could come close to the record of 20 degrees. understandably a lot of cold people out there on the streets of philadelphia. the the city has instituted eighths code blue program that is through tomorrow morning. how about this, 5 feet of snow is already in the ground in the buffalo a area. forecasters say more is on the way. that snowstorm is blamed for six deaths in new york, new hampshire and in michigan. one lane of the new jersey turnpike remains closed this morning after this deadly fiery accident. one person was killed just after 9:00 last night heading northbound north of exit number eight in cranberry township middlesex county. our time is 5:17.
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do you need extra cash for your holiday shopping? we will give away a hundred dollars and you can't win if you don't watch. >> that is how it works. >> hello. >> it is must see video here strangers coming together to save a woman in the life or death situation, see that crowd lift the car, to rescue that women pinned underneath of that coming up. we will be right
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well, a new casino is coming to philadelphia. live hotel and casino win the cities second license. it will be built near the stadium complex at packer and darren. holiday inn at the site won't be torn down just refurbished. south philadelphia residents were already deeply divided over the possibility of a casino in their neighborhood. >> i'm outraged. very outraged. you know, if it had in the had censorship i would have made that outrage very public. >> we have had a lot of community support.
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there is others we have to win over and we will win them over good there is no timetable when work on the 425 million-dollar project will begin. right now 5:20. time for your philadelphia job market report, here's "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg. >> unemployment rate is measure of last month's labor picture. pennsylvania state employment agency conduct a study which shed lights on where workers may find job opportunities over the next eight years. some of the biggest areas of growth will be in accounting and auditing. they project 2300 new you job opening annually. personal home care aids will see a 32 and a half percent increase or 2,100 new jobs created every year in pennsylvania. there are currently more than 125,000 registered nurses in the state, demand is predicted to rise by more than 18 percent which equals 4800 additional registered nurses each year. pennsylvania ranked the knowledge or skills most in demand. number one is the the ability to speak english. tied for second is strong
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mathematical skills and good customer service. computer, mechanical and communication skills all ranked highly as well. the projections are right future of pennsylvania's job market is looking brighter. i'm steve greenburg for
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right now, 5:23. let's get traffic and weather together on this very cold morning. >> it is a very cold morning indeed. we have nice clear skies so you don't have to worry about precipitation for next couple of days, and weather coast when you walk out the door, beautiful clear sky here over
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center city sky line. philadelphia a county does have the code blue in effect. there are others that have the same. i do, have the link posted on my twitter account and check it out. and, current temperature at the airport, we are 3 degrees tie of tying record low for the morning. we will look forward in the forecast here at best, 33 for a high today. still a wind, noticeable but in the as harsh as yesterday staying sunny right through friday and we will see baby roller coaster ride go into effect as well. vittoria. traffic right now is still moving extremely well on all of our majors. lets give you an eye tea what we're dealing with this morning, it is not much as of yet, 202 around 29. those taillights southbound. northbound headlights coming towards you. beautiful, looking around the area of malvern and every where, speed sensors, high up in the 50's, 95, schuylkill, 476, jersey and delaware all moving well. we do still have an accident situation on the new jersey
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turnpike north bound at hightstown and truck lanes are block so be mindful of that, erika. >> thank you. central bucks west high school is looking for a new head football coach. school officials fired brian hensel after a hazing scandal involving the the football program. hazing investigation first came to light last in month. hen sell will stay on as a teacher a at that high school. the suspicion of his assistant coaches has been lifted but their future with the football program will be decided once a new head coach is hired. flyers will be without their captain claude giroux when they take on the rangers a at madison square garden later tonight. giroux was reportedly hit on the foot by a puck during practice on monday. gm ron hextall says he will be fine. he worked out as usual but injury forced him to miss a season ticket holders meet and greet monday night. flyers are trying to break a two game losing streak. sixers and celtics at the well in south philadelphia tonight. sixers are zero and ten,
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celtics three and six. boston lost last three straight. that within great first win of the season beating boston. final week of the friday football frenzy, we need to you vote on the audio road show app. your choices are downingtown east at coatsville, upper dublin at pennsbury and great valley at springfield. we will announce winner tomorrow night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock, erika. coming up, a local landmark badly damaged by a massive fire, we will let you know when this famous farmers market will reopen after that big blaze. it is bad enough stealing toys off porch, with you this guy is doing witt a baby in his arms. we will have the search for this thief happening this morning. go outside to grab that paper, it is painfully cold out there. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. when will we get out of the cold temperatures? katie has the the
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caught in mother nature's bitter, blast, we are waking up to just down right frigid temperatures and it feels even colder out there. this is not the kind of weather we expect with thanksgiving coming up next week we are threatening record cold this morning. >> katie is in the know, lets see what is happening, good morning. >> good morning guys, the wind makes it feel so much worse. that is x factor and still with us today but i was going to start easing up a little bit here. we have got that going for us. it is still cold enough that even though we are easing up on the wind, it will not feel better than 20's here today at best better than yesterday with the harsh chill but that is really cold. lets take a look at what is going on outside and we will start off here in the poconos where one location that is totally digging this forecast is jack frost big boulder, any
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of the ski resorts they are loving this. this is prime condition for them to be making the snow. we have seen them making snow now for past two mornings and it looks like they are getting a decent base as well. meanwhile lets go next to storm scan three where none of the nature made snow here to be found on the local map. we could show you great lakes region. they have been getting hammered hard but we will keep clear skies. because of that temperatures will drop readily. these are the numbers to beat this morning or at least to tie a record we have to hit these values. it is pretty close right now. we are definitely in a race with the actual air temperature. currently 12 in mount pocono. 2 degrees shy off the record. few degrees shy in atlantic city. we need three more to hit the record in philadelphia at international air port where we take our official observation anyway. around the region we will go and this is best you can hope for, guys. these are colder then your typical nighttime lows. at this time of the year. that is sng


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